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維州TJ高中畢業時,婉拒哈佛大學入學許可,選擇了賓州大學 (U. Penn)沃頓商學院 (Wharton School)Huntsman國際研究暨商學班。

大學畢業時,榮獲全球本科生諾貝爾獎美譽的羅德獎學金”(Rhodes Scholarship)同時也是世界級馬歇爾獎學金"(Marshall Scholarship)得主。



被國際知名財經雜誌"福布斯"(Forbes)選為全世界最有影響力的”3030歲以下青年巨頭”(30 under 30)之一 (2014)

被沃頓商學院出版的沃頓雜誌選為”40歲以下的40位巨頭”(40 under 40)之一,時年28歲。


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Joyce Meng is passionate about social entrepreneurship and impact investing. She is the co-founder and CEO of Givology (www.givology.org),a 100% volunteer-run online giving marketplace for education which connects donors to grassroots projects and student scholarships around the world. To date, Givology has raised over $570,000 to help over 4,000 students in 30 different countries through 50 grassroots partnerships, with 20 chapters globally, 8,000+ social media supporters, and 50,000+ registered donors. Joyce has been featured as Forbes “30 under 30” in education and Wharton’s “40 under 40”. The mission of Givology is for small dollars and small hours to aggregate into a powerful force of change. 

As her day job, Joyce works in the investment industry. She is Partner/Managing Director of Vernier Capital, a fundamentals-driven global long short equity hedge fund. Prior to Vernier, Joyce worked at MSD Capital on the energy team and Goldman Sachs Investment Partners on the industrials portfolio. 

She graduated summa cum laude from the Huntsman Program of the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a BA in International Studies and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School. As a Rhodes Scholar, she went to Oxford to pursue her graduate studies. She completed with distinction the MSc Economics for Development and MSc Financial Economics degrees. Her website is www.joycemeng.com

Wharton Magazine: “Why so successful?”
Joyce Meng: “Hard work with purpose, not giving up and not compromising the original vision for what is ‘comfortable’ or ‘easily reachable.’ Even if you don’t know something today, you can learn it. So many studies have empirically shown that self discipline trumps intelligence, IQ and talent in predicting success.”





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